Akira Marumoto

Representative Director
President and CEO
Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda’s theme for this year’s show is “Co-Creating With Others, Co-Creating With You.” Next year, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mazda’s founding. To ensure the company’s continued existence, we must cherish Mazda’s uniqueness, which is to think of people first and co-create with others. As we look toward our next 100 years, we are aiming to become a company that everybody can feel affection for and be proud to be associated with.

The development of advanced technologies, such as CASE, is driving a once-in-a-century transformation in the automotive industry. Mazda will also make use of such advanced technologies and infrastructure, and in doing so, we will introduce products and technologies that enable us to offer Mazda’s unique value.

In terms of electrification, by 2030, every car we make will feature our e–Skyactiv electric-drive technology as we work to reduce CO2 emissions on a life-cycle assessment basis. We will push forward with our strategy of offering multiple solutions in light of each country or region’s energy situation, power generation mix and the diversification of customer preferences.

The electric vehicle we are unveiling today is one such multi-solution. A brand new option for customers, it is Mazda’s first mass-produced EV.

The MX-30 offers customers a creative time and space. While this model is an EV, Mazda’s human-centric development philosophy remains unchanged. It provides the same smooth and natural Jinba-ittai driving feel as our combustion engine-powered cars. Pre-orders start in Europe today with deliveries starting from Europe next year.

In any era, Mazda wants people to experience exuberant moments in life through cars. We will continue striving to deliver creative products, technologies and customer experiences so our customers will love and hold onto their Mazda for a long time.

tokyo motor show press conference

Mazda’s press conference held on October 23 at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.